Promo video for Sky Sports Super League 2011

This is the promo/teaser for Sky Sports’ presentation of the Engage Super League. The rugby player in the armoured suit is Sam Tomkins from Wigan Warriors, laser scanned after a training session (thanks, Sam!) resulting in a 3D model of his head, service provided by James Busby at Ten24.


Director: Adam Wells

Producer for Sky Creative: Nick Canham

Producer for Xenon Studios: Michael Powell

Technical Direction; Pipeline, Rigging, Motion Capture Processing: Rich Bentley

Concept design and Storyboards: Stephen Tappin

Modelling: Tim Brown

Promo Animation: Paul Clayton

Titles Animation/Editing/Particle Effects: Andy Turner

Lighting, Rendering and Compositing: Richard Wright

3D Scanning and Processing: James Busby at Ten24

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