Steel Batallions – Heavy Armor Trailer

To coincide with the release of this innovative Xbox Kinect title from Capcom, we produced a 90 second trailer in conjunction with Maverick Media. Beginning with a green-screen studio shoot, the actor was filmed using a Red Epic camera at 5K resolution to provide the best possible plate for keying and camera tracking. A CG living room interior was created, which as the actor makes Kinect control gestures morphs into the WW2-like Vertical Tank cockpit. The cockpit was entirely remodelled to higher resolution and surfaces recreated. The trailer is intercut with scenes captured from the actual Xbox game.

Maverick Media:

Producer for Xenon Studios, Keying and Render management: Michael Wong-Powell

Director, Animation, FX, Lighting and Grading: Stephen Tappin

Modelling and Surfacing: Tim Brown

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