Chocapic Drive

We did this 30 second commercial for Nestle’s Chocapic as another collaboration with Be Animation. We did all the CGI; the 3D backgrounds, vehicles, VFX and compositing, they did all the 2D cel shaded character animation. Surprisingly the client was worried about the driving appearing too dangerous. Never mind the fact that a dog is driving and fires live guided missiles at a truck!

Vehicle Concepts and Design: Steve Tappin

City Matte Painting and Modelling: Steve Tappin and Richard Wright

Hero Car Exterior and Interior Modelling: Tim Brown

Truck Modelling: Andy Turner

Animation and Cameras: Andy Turner

Rendering: Michael Wong-Powell

Chocolate tank simulation: Michael Wong-Powell

VFX: Michael Wong-Powell

Producer, TD and Compositor: Michael Wong-Powell

All Cel Animation: Be Animation

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